Enter to Thailand for a medical treatment purpose

Coming to Thailand to take advantage of the great value that Thai hospitals provide; allowing people access to high quality care at top notch facilities for a fraction of the cost you would find in your home countries.

Dear value costumer,

Under the covid-19 situation, Thailand are allowed Non-Thai Nationals in need of medical treatment and their attendants to enter to Thailand effective from 3 July B.E. 2563 (2020).
we do have services for traveler who wish to enter the Kingdom for medical treatment at hospitals / medical facilities in Thailand.

Our services provide

  • Consultation by zoom video calls if you are aboard
  • Deal with the Embassy and hospital and the hotel for State Quarantine
  • Provide travel insurance and health insurance
  • Preparing document for applying the certificate of entry to Thailand.
  • Assist you with an appropriate Alternative Hospital Quarantine and Alternative State Quarantine
  • Arrange the confirmation booking flight and hotel.
  • Assist you with long term visa if you have plan to stay longer by retirement visa or spouse visa.
  • For foreigner who seek for stay long term in Thailand we assist you to find accommodation with the best location and the price that suitable for you.

We would like to wish for all clients to stay healthy and well prepared to ensure safe and smooth travels.
Thank you for your kind support, we look forward to welcoming you back to Thailand.