The best option for extended stays in Thailand is to acquire a 60-day tourist or a non-immigrant visa and Bangkok Buddy offers a complete Thai visa service solutions that are customized to each client’s needs. We offer one-on-one consultation so that you may understand all your options. We also handle all the paperwork filings as well as reporting that will save you time, stress and money. Our ‘one-stop service’ is very popular with our clients and we know it will for be for you as well. Using our internal contacts, we can have your legal visa status established very quickly while maintaining complete 100% compliance with Thailand immigration. Please review the list of visas we can obtain for you and then contact us for a phone or office consultation.

Available Thailand Visas

60-Day Tourist Visa (Extendable by 30 Days)

Obtaining a Thailand 60-day tourist visa is an easy procedure. The process involves minor paperwork that we handle on your behalf and the issuance of the visa at the Phnom Penh Thai consulate in Cambodia. You will not need to deal at all with the consulate as Bangkok Buddy does all of this for you. You will however need to travel with us to Poipet with our visa service and remain in Cambodia during the processing of the visa. You will then return with our transportation back to Bangkok. The process takes several days so you can remain in Poipet or we can organize an Angkor Wat tour so you can make make good use of your time in Cambodia. We can assist in finding accommodation during your stay as this is an additional cost. All visa fees (for Cambodia and Thailand), transportation, and first day’s buffet breakfast are included in the fee.

We can also handle the visa issuance for you if you wish to make your own travel arrangements but don’t want to deal with the Thai consulate. We can collect your passport in Poipet or Phnom Penh and return it to you once your tourist visa is issued (you will be issued a paper copy of your passport signed by the Cambodian police to serve as your ID while your passport is at Thai immigration). Let us know your preference and we will happily take care of it.

This visa can also be extended by an additional 30 days for a small fee without leaving Thailand. Please call for additional details and to make a booking.

Non-Immigrant O Visa (Thailand Retirement Visa / Thai Marriage Visa / Guardian Visa)

We are very experienced in obtaining Non-Immigrant O visas for our clients. We assist in the process every step of the way and handle all paperwork and liaise with Thai immigration so you don’t have to show up in person at all. Our ‘one-stop’ service is something our clients value greatly.

Non-Immigrant O visas fall into the following categories & requirements:

  • Thailand Retirement Visa: 50 years of age and older