Getting an Australian visa for a Thai citizen is a popular service we offer our clients. Our office location is walking distance to the Australian visa lodgement offices and we are extremely familiar with the facilities and staff there. Therefore, process time is reduced and the application process is streamlined. Whether you need a tourist visa or a partner visa (unmarried or married) for a Thai citizen, we can accommodate all situations and do so without the need for any visits to the consulate or police station for clearance. Our agents handle all the paperwork, consulate visits, police clearance and will accompany the Thai citizen to the medical exam in the case of a partner visa. We ensure that nothing is left to chance and ensure extremely fast processing & approval. The service is very popular with Australian citizens who wish to get their girlfriend or wife a visa with a guaranteed and stress-free positive outcome. Please review the Australian visas we offer and contact us for a phone or office consultation.

Australian Visas for Thai Partner

Tourist Visa for Australia

3-Month Tourist Visa for Australia

This visa allows the Thai citizen to enter Australia as a tourist for the length of the visa. The Thai citizen must be sponsored by an Australian citizen and that person must declare that they will be responsible for the finances of the Thai national as well as ensure the timely departure from Australia by the visa holder. A common use for this is to get an Australian visa for Thai girlfriend or wife to visit as a tourist.

Bangkok Buddy agents can get this visa submitted and approved within 10 days and accompany the applicant to the processing center for biometric fingerprint submission. Our agent acts on the clients behalf for all matters.

Partner & Marriage Visa for Australia

Partner Provisional Visa (Unmarried/Married) – Subclass 309

This visa is the necessary first-stage of permanent residency in Australia as a partner of an Australian citizen. This provisional visa allows the partner to remain in Australia while the second-stage permanent partner visa (subclass 100) is processed. The provisional visa allows the visa holder to enter and exit Australia as often as they would like without the need for any additional visa. In the case of a Thai national, this would allow an unlimited stay in Australia for the 2 years it takes for the second-stage of the visa to be approved. The Thai national can be in Australia or Thailand when the provisional visa is upgraded to a permanent visa.

Bangkok Buddy agents handle the entire application process including multiple visits to the Australian consulate, police headquarters for the applicant’s clearance, accompany applicant to the medical check ensuring a stress-free and passing health check and all other aspects of the visa application process. Our agents direct contacts within the Australian consulate shortens the application approval process by 4-5 months.

Please contact us for more details regarding this service.