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Thank you for considering Bangkok Buddy Travel Service for your Thai visa run needs. We endeavor to provide you with the best premium service, comfort & convenience, professionalism & great value. Please review our Thailand border run to Cambodia procedure and our pricing chart. We depart at an early hour to avoid traffic as well as get to immigration when they first open. Unlike other Thai border crossing services that take much longer and often return well into the evening, our service is much shorter and allows an early return time so that you can still make use of the day. We use roomy minivans that can seat 10 large adults comfortably in individual  seats. Excessive talking to other passengers and on the phone is discouraged as most our clients appreciate this style of peaceful travel.



Starting Wednesday, July 5th, due to recent additional requirements imposed to foreigners at the Poi Pet, Cambodia border, we are now doing our visa run border crossing at Ban Laem, Cambodia. Our service schedule will remain the same and we anticipate a smoother experience for all clients by using this border.

Since Ban Laem will not have the casino hotel breakfast buffet as we did in Poi Pet, we are lowering our visa run price to 2,500 THB. There will be stops along the way to grab food and there are food stalls at the border, so there is plenty of opportunity to obtain refreshments and restroom breaks. As always, we give out bottled water during registration and there is a 7/11 next to the gathering point before departure.

Our vans and drivers remain the same, so our quality transportation standards will remain unchanged. The departure time remains the same at 5a. We return at approximately 4p.

Thank you for understanding and this change will benefit everyone involved, especially our valued Bangkok Buddy clients. 

Reservations are highly recommended but we also take walk-up clients at the time of registration.



Bangkok Buddy staff will open registration at 4:20a at the ground floor courtyard fountain at Sukhumvit Plaza (Korean Plaza) located on the corner of Sukhumvit Soi 12 (just right of the 7-11).

Please have passport, photo and visa run fee when you register. Our staff will assist in completing the forms and you will provide your signatures.

We will provide drink refreshments at this time until our spacious minivans arrive to pick up passengers.


Departure is at 5:00a sharp so please arrive in advance to allow time for the registration process.

Driving time to the Ban Laem/Daung border is approximately 4 hours. We will stop halfway for a rest break. The entire ride will be without movies or music so you can relax and even sleep during the drive.


Upon arrival at Ban Laem, the minivans will park next to the Thai Immigration building. Bangkok Buddy staff will guide the group to the immigration entrance where you will receive your Thai exit stamp.

Once exiting the Thai Immigration building (you are then officially in Daung, Cambodia), Bangkok Buddy staff will collect your passport, then obtain the Cambodia visa (a necessary part of the process) and return the passports to the group within 30 minutes. During this time, you are free to explore the nearby area shops.


At approximately 10:00a, the group will gather to collect their passports from Bangkok Buddy staff next to the Thailand Immigration building. Bangkok Buddy staff will then direct you to walk to the Thailand Immigration re-entry area. Once clearing Immigration, the vans will be waiting directly outside to collect everyone.


Trip back to Bangkok will take approximately 4-5 hours with a rest stop on the way. Arrival time in Bangkok is typically at 4:00p. Passengers may elect to be dropped off at the following locations on the return:

Stop 1: Srinkarin Road | Stop 2: RCA | Stop 3: Pharam 9
Stop 4: MRT Petchaburi | Stop 5: Asoke BTS | Stop 6: Sukhumvit Soi 12

Visa Run Service Fees

Passport Country Fee Extension

Belgium,Czech Rep,Iceland,Ireland,Israel,Bulgaria,
Philippines,Russia,Hong Kong,New Zealand,Poland,

2,500 THB 30 Days
Argentina,Brazil,Chile,Peru,South Korea 2,500 THB 90 Days
Indonesia,Singapore,Malaysia 1,300 THB 30 Days
Laos,Vietnam 2,000 THB 30 Days
Venezuela 2,500 THB Must have existing visa
Egypt,Syria,Iran,Iraq, Kenya,Uruguay,Romania,
Can’t Use Our Visa Run.
Can’t Cross Border in Ban Laem.
Countries Not Mentioned Contact Us