Starting Wednesday, July 5th, due to recent additional requirements imposed to foreigners at the Poi Pet, Cambodia border, we are now doing our visa run border crossing at Ban Laem, Cambodia. Our service schedule will remain the same and we anticipate a smoother experience for all clients by using this border.

Since Ban Laem will not have the casino hotel breakfast buffet as we did in Poi Pet, we are lowering our visa run price to 2,500 THB. There will be stops along the way to grab food and there are food stalls at the border, so there is plenty of opportunity to obtain refreshments and restroom breaks. As always, we give out bottled water during registration and there is a 7/11 next to the gathering point before departure.

Our vans and drivers remain the same, so our quality transportation standards will remain unchanged. The departure and return time remain the same as well.

Also, starting in August, we are planning on returning the visa run service to 7 days per week (as opposed to the current 3 days per week schedule).

Thank you for understanding and this change will benefit everyone involved, especially our valued Bangkok Buddy clients.