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Tanya - Direct of Bangkok Buddy“Hello and thank you for your interest in the Thailand visa services offered by Bangkok Buddy! My name is Tanya and I am the Director of Bangkok Buddy Travel Service Co.,Ltd. It is my pleasure to help you with your visa and travel needs. We are a licensed and registered company here in the heart of Bangkok. My staff and I are very experienced in all visa requirements and ‘special’ visa assistance for foreign nationals wishing to visit and remain legally in Thailand. We also assist Thai nationals in obtaining tourist and partner visas for select countries. In addition, we are known for our fantastic golf tour packages as well our variety of Angkor Wat tours. For those of you who already know me and are current clients, I am blessed to have you! For those who are new to Bangkok Buddy, welcome and I look forward to meeting and assisting you soon!”

-Tanya Chansuwan


Starting Wednesday, July 5th, due to recent additional requirements imposed to foreigners at the Poi Pet, Cambodia border, we are now doing our visa run border crossing at Ban Laem, Cambodia. Our service schedule will remain the same and we anticipate a smoother experience for all clients by using this border.

Since Ban Laem will not have the casino hotel breakfast buffet as we did in Poi Pet, we are lowering our visa run price to 2,500 THB. There will be stops along the way to grab food and there are food stalls at the border, so there is plenty of opportunity to obtain refreshments and restroom breaks. As always, we give out bottled water during registration and there is a 7/11 next to the gathering point before departure.

Our vans and drivers remain the same, so our quality transportation standards will remain unchanged. The departure time remains the same at 5a. We return at approximately 4p.

Thank you for understanding and this change will benefit everyone involved, especially our valued Bangkok Buddy clients.

Bangkok Buddy Services

Daily visa run from Bangkok, Thialand to Poi Pet, Cambodia


Bangkok Buddy offers the most respected visa run services in Bangkok. We are a registered and licensed company utilizing spacious mini-vans, professional drivers and experienced staff in Thailand & Cambodia. Our superior transportation quality is why we have repeat clients willing to spend a fraction more than using the competition.


Bangkok Buddy provides long-stay visa solutions for those that wish to remain in Thailand for an extended period. We are specialists in organizing 60-day tourist visas (single-entry) and yearly renewable non-immigrant visas including Non-B business, Non-O retirement, Non-O marriage & dependent visas. We also handle 90-day reporting and extensions for our clients without the need to go to Chaeng Watthana. We are a true one-stop visa service.

1-Year Thai Non Immigrant & 60-Day Tourist Visas
Get a USA Visa


Bangkok Buddy can get US tourist visas & immigrant visas for Thai citizens and other nationalities wishing to visit the United States. Our staff understands the strict approval process and have gone to great lengths to make certain all the details are handled expertly. We expedite the application to ensure the fastest visa approval. Let us make your USA visa a reality.


Visiting Europe on a Schengen visa allows access to a large part of Europe and Bangkok Buddy can obtain a Schengen tourist visa quickly and professionally. Allow us to take care of your European travel visa needs.

Schengen visa
Get an Australian visa for Thai girlfriend or wife - Australian tourists visas & partner visas


Bangkok Buddy has extensive experience in acquiring tourist visas and/or partner visas (unmarried or married) for Australia. Our agency’s proximity to the visa filing offices greatly expedites the approval process as well as handling all the details on the client’s behalf in a streamlined & stress-free manner.


Visiting the United Kingdom is widely popular for our clients and Bangkok Buddy can obtain a UK tourist visa quickly and stress-free. Allow us to take care of your UK tourist visa needs.

UK visa for thai
Angkor Wat Day Tours from Bangkok


Bangkok Buddy offers amazing 2-day, 3-day & 4-day tours of Angkor Wat in Siem Reap. We provide daily transportation between Bangkok to Angkor Wat so you can choose to take your tour and return on any day that suits your schedule. We also provide 3-4 star accommodation and daily breakfast.


Bangkok Buddy showcases complete golf packages that includes course fees, golf club set rentals & golf cart rentals. We provide private luxury van pickup and drop-off from any location in Bangkok. Let us create a bespoke golf package for you and see why our clients are satisfied & repeat customers.

Golf Tour Packages in Thailand